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"Tech Trivia" Renewed for More Seasons

Jack’s Portfolio is the home of a lot of great content. From original series like, “Last Week at Apple”, to great projects like the video Jack’s Portfolio made promoting the hiring of Carmel Clay School bus drivers. One great educational series on Jack’s Portfolio is the popular series, “Tech Trivia”. “Tech Trivia” is an educational series that explores tips for maintaining a healthy and safe online life. Currently, the episodes air on CHTV, while being available on Jack’s Portfolio first. Each 30-second episode focuses on a tech topic and teaches you a fun fact about that topic. 

This series has been great in providing valuable information to people. And today I am pleased to announce that Jack’s Portfolio has fully acquired the distribution rights for two final seasons of “Tech Trivia”. What does this exactly mean? I hear you not wondering. 

It means two things. First, it means that “Tech Trivia” got the green light for a second and third season. The second thing it means is, unlike the first season, seasons 2 and 3, will be released exclusively on Jack’s Portfolio. So now the series is officially a “Jack’s Portfolio Original Series”. (Even though it was already listed under the “Original Series” page of the portfolio). And I would now like to give you an EXCLUSIVE look at the brand new “Jack’s Portfolio Original Series” intro for the new seasons of  “Tech Trivia”. Here it is:

 Since seasons 2 and 3 will be distributed exclusively here, on Jack’s Portfolio, there are going to be a few changes made to the setup of the show. Don’t worry, these changes are for the better and not the worse. For example, since the episodes no longer air during SSRT, the answers will now be able to be shown at the end of each episode. Also, you no longer have to stare at a black screen for five seconds before the episode starts anymore. This was originally done for the airing on CHTV but now is no longer necessary. So now you will be able to dive into these amazing episodes right away!

Seasons 2 and 3 of  “Tech Trivia” will each feature four BRAND NEW episodes. This will add up to a total of 8 episodes in total. These episodes will start being released each Friday starting November 5th. Season 2’s episodes will air every Friday of November. The topics for the season 2 episodes will include: Good Passwords, Bad Passwords, Suspicious Emails, Getting Hacked. Season 3 is slated to start releasing its episodes on the first Friday of December and is set to air the series finale of “Tech Trivia” on Christmas Eve. So stay tuned for BRAND NEW episodes of “Tech Trivia” starting November 5th and going through the rest of the year (for the most part).

- Jack



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