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The Jack Ringenberg Media Vodcast, “Media Minds”, wins the title of “Best Vodcast” at state wide competition 

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – On Monday, March 11, 2024, the Indiana Association of School Broadcasters (IASB) announced their 2024 conference winners.

IASB is a statewide award system that features high school and college students and all their achievements in the media world. It is considered to be one of the toughest award systems in the country. ⁣⁣

The IASB award ceremony was hosted at Butler University where Jack Ringenberg Media received their awards. ⁣⁣Jack Ringenberg Media was honored with winning the title of “Best Vodcast” for their series, Media Minds

“I am beyond thrilled to have had the honor of winning this award. IASB is such a difficult competition, so for us to have won this category is a huge honor.” said Media Minds producer, Jack Ringenberg.

Media Minds is the second Vodcast to ever win this title at IASB due to the fact that it was introduced just last year. 

However, Media Minds wasn’t the only Jack Ringenberg Media project to be recognized at the award conference. The Jack Ringenberg Show was also awarded the title of “Honorable Mention” for “Best Video Magazine”.

You can watch Media Minds right now at: 

You can listen to Media Minds right now on all major podcast services.

You can watch The Jack Ringenberg Show right now at: 


About Jack Ringenberg Media

Jack Ringenberg Media is a full-service creative multimedia production studio founded by Jack Ringenberg. Jack Ringenberg Media has produced titles including the highly acclaimed series “Chromebook Tech Tips”, “The Jack Ringenberg Show”, “Media Minds”, "Behind the Design with Jack Ringenberg", a feature-length documentary, "The CHTV Archives", and much more. Jack Ringenberg Media is committed to telling inspiring stories through the use of video and audio.

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