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Jack in the Media

May 2024

Pinnacle Yearbook

"The first episode was produced last year, my junior year and that won a national award and then it also won an award statewide. Then the most recent episode was filmed a few months ago and that won a state award as well."

The text, “Everybody Talks: senior Jack Ringenberg and his award winning talk show” behind a headshot of Jack Ringenberg

March 2024

Intercollegiate Broadcasting System

Award-winning CHTV Station Manager and CEO of Jack Ringenberg Media, Jack Ringenberg, was given the opportunity to host a session at the Intercollegiate Broadcasting System's 2024 conference in New York City. 

In a large room is a stage. To the left of the stage is a projector. On the stage is a table and a podium. Jack is standing behind the podium.

November 2023


In the pilot episode of this podcast, Addy and Tally talk about the latest in news, sports, and entertainment. Then later, Addy sits down with CHTV Station Manager, Jack Ringenberg, to talk about CHTV's new loyalty program, CHTV+.

"Studio B" logo

October 2023


What’s your background in CHTV?

So I started taking CHTV my freshman year and I’ve been doing it ever since. I love it. When I was a TV 1-2 student....

A student working at the CHTV news desk

SRT Show Episode 1- CHTV

September 2023


In the very first episode of WHJE’s SRT based live show, Maiza Munn and Cameron Geddess connected with Mrs. Ostojic’s CHTV SRT to hear their favorite tunes. Jack Ringenberg and Cole Dangler represented CHTV...

The text “SRT Live Show” over an image of two animated people holding up peace signs while surrounded by animated reporters holding up microphones

June 2023

Current in Carmel

Carmel High School student Jack Ringenberg debuted his documentary, “The CHTV Archives,” which traces the history of CHTV May 19....

Natasha Joy Glenn and Jack watching the CHTV Archives at the premiere

May 2023

Current in Carmel

A Carmel High School student’s project for his Carmel High TV class turned into a documentary on the station itself. 

The one-hour program by junior Jack Ringenberg will debut...

Jack standing in front of a backdrop with the CHTV logo
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