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Jack squatting in the middle of a flower garden


Jack Ringenberg is the founder and CEO of the media firm, Jack Ringenberg Media (JRM).


From a young age, Jack has always loved video work. In 2021, Jack unofficially started his media company, JRM (Then referred to as: Jack’s Portfolio). Jack started JRM so that all of his work could all be in one place. After doing media work for a few more years, Jack decided to make JRM an official business. On January 11, 2024, JRM officially became Jack Ringenberg Media LLC. Jack’s main goal when starting JRM was to create a company that told impactful stories because at JRM we believe that everyone has a story and we are here to help tell it.


Under Jack’s leadership, JRM has created many high-end projects such as several videos for the largest high school in Indiana. Jack is also responsible for the creation of the highly-praised series, Chromebook Tech Tips, the highly-praised documentary, The CHTV Archives, and the award-winning series, Media Minds and The Jack Ringenberg Show.


From 2020-2024, Jack was also a part of the award-winning television station, CHTV, where he worked his way up to the job of Station Manager. As a Station Manager, Jack drastically transformed the station to better appeal to students and teachers. As a result of Jack’s effort’s, CHTV saw a dramatic increase in state and national awards.


In the fall, Jack will be attending Ball State University where he will be studying media.




If you want to contact Jack, you can email him at: He will probably get back to you in a timely manner. 


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