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Jack Ringenberg Media set to produce an ad campaign promoting the Carmel High School’s communication department

Today it has been announced that Jack Ringenberg Media is partnering with CHTV to create a series of ads each focusing on a different area of the “Greyhound Media Network” (GMN). The GMN is the name for the communications department at Carmel High School. These ads will be produced by CHTV Station Manager, Jack Ringenberg and CHTV Promotions Manager, Michael Spech.

“I love the Greyhound Media Network so much,” Jack said. “So, when I was told that CHTV was looking for someone to produce a series of ads promoting it, I jumped on the chance.” 

The campaign will feature three ads. A broadcasting ad featuring CHTV (TV) and WHJE (Radio), a Pinnacle (Yearbook) ad, and a HiLite (Newspaper) ad. Each of the ads will feature one or two student managers discussing what the respective program mean to them. 

Jack continues, “The goal of these ads is help tell the stories of the students actively involved in these programs. I want to show everyone why these programs are so important.”

The first episode of this campaign is set to be released in early 2024 with the other ads being released shortly after. The ads will air on CHTV but will also be available on the Jack Ringenberg Media YouTube page and


About Jack Ringenberg Media

Jack Ringenberg Media is a full-service creative multimedia production studio founded by Jack Ringenberg. Jack Ringenberg Media has produced titles including the highly acclaimed series “Chromebook Tech Tips”, “The Jack Ringenberg Show”, “Media Minds”, "Behind the Design with Jack Ringenberg", a feature-length documentary, "The CHTV Archives", and much more. Jack Ringenberg Media is committed to telling inspiring stories through the use of video and audio.

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Jack Ringenberg

CEO, Jack Ringenberg Media

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