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Jack Ringenberg Media becomes an official business and other major company advancements: A message from the CEO

Hello reader,

Recently, there has been a lot of breaking Jack Ringenberg Media news! On January 11, 2024 Jack Ringenberg Media became a real business now legally being Jack Ringenberg Media LLC. This means that I am now officially a CEO. This move was made for many reasons but the main one was to show my commitment to building Jack Ringenberg in a large-scale media production company (and so I could select the “business account” option on Apple Podcasts).

And now since Jack Ringenberg Media is an official company, we are now officially open to commissions.  If you need help telling your story, Jack Ringenberg Media can help. I can redesign your portfolio, help you make reels for your brand, film an event, make real estate for your properties, and so much more. For more information on Jack Ringenberg Media’s new offerings, you can visit the all new “services’ page on our website:

Along with these advancements, we have made a lot of other changes too. We have reimagined several areas of the website including the homepage and the original content page. On the homepage we’ve simplified the experience of viewing new projects. Now, all of my recent projects have been put into an automatic slideshow that elegantly displays each project individually. We have also redesigned our “Original Content” page. We have now darkened the background color so that the content presented “pops” more.

Additionally, Jack Ringenberg Media has now joined even more social media platforms. We are now on TikTok, Threads, and Facebook. This move was done to help Jack Ringenberg Media reach an even wider audience. 

Finally, we have one more thing. The Jack Ringenberg Media original podcast series, Media Minds is now on the world’s #1 podcast app, Apple Podcasts. You can listen to it right now by click this link: 

So, that’s what’s been happening recently at Jack Ringenberg Media!

- Jack



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