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CHTV green lights season 2 of "Chromebook Tech Tips"

Updated: Mar 31

It has recently been announced that Carmel High School Television (CHTV) has greenlit a new season of their hit series, Chromebook Tech Tips. The new season contains an order of four brand new episodes. Just like the first season of the series, this season will be produced by Jack Ringenberg Media with CHTV being the primary distributor. However, unlike the first season, some changes are in the works to improve the show, according to series producer, Jack Ringenberg. 

“With this upcoming season, there were a few changes that we wanted to make. A big change we’re going to be making is in regards to the set. We are in the process of trying to find a new location to film the series that looks more simplistic than CHTV’s Mac Lab. We also wanted to change the intro and outro to give the episodes a much ‘cleaner look’.” Ringenberg said.

Chromebook Tech Tips is a series that gives viewers tips and tricks about their Chromebooks. Each episode focuses on one task and how you complete that task on your Chromebook. These episodes are hosted by Jack Ringenberg and are typically 30 seconds to one minute.

The second season is slated to premiere toward the beginning of CHTV’s 45th broadcasting season. The episodes will also be simultaneously be released on


About Jack Ringenberg Media

Jack Ringenberg Media is a full-service creative multimedia production studio founded by Jack Ringenberg. Jack Ringenberg Media has produced titles including the highly acclaimed series “Chromebook Tech Tips”, “The Jack Ringenberg Show”, “Media Minds”, "Behind the Design with Jack Ringenberg", a feature-length documentary, "The CHTV Archives" and much more. Jack Ringenberg Media is committed to telling inspiring stories through the use of video and audio.

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