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Jack’s Portfolio to rebrand Jack Ringenberg Media: A message from Jack

Hello reader,

As you know by the title of this press release, we are going to be rebranding Jack’s Portfolio to Jack Ringenberg Media. This change is being implemented for several reasons. The biggest reason honestly being that the name, “Jack’s Portfolio”, isn't as searchable as the name “Jack Ringenberg Media”. Rebranding our content to the Jack Ringenberg media name will also mean having the same account name on all platforms. Before, this was not necessarily attainable because of how generic the name “Jack’s Portfolio” is. We believe that this change will ultimately help viewers find our content more easily. 

This change was also done because we feel that the name “Jack Ringenberg Media” better represents the brand. We feel like it helps let people know that we are a company that does all types of media. Speaking of being a company, we also feel the “Jack Ringenberg Media” name sounds better for a company.

This rebrand will start today and we expect it to be fully completed by this upcoming May. The new Jack Ringenberg Media Instagram page is the first entity to be affected by the changes. The rebrand will also focus on changing the logos throughout and changing the name and logo of our YouTube channel.

However, speaking of our YouTube channel, there is one thing that will stay the same there, our handle (@jacksportfolio). We are leaving this the same because it’s a presumably desirable handle and we have it, so we want to keep it. The title of the channel will still be “Jack Ringenberg Media”, so when searching for the channel, you can search either name and the channel will still appear.

While the rebrand officially started today, hints to this happening have been dropped recently. For example, in the credits of The Jack Ringenberg Show, Jack Ringenberg Media is listed as the copyright holder for the production.

The last project to feature the “Jack’s Portfolio” branding will be our upcoming documentary about the history of CHTV. 

To stay up to date on the latest Jack Ringenberg Media news, you can follow us on Instagram: @jackringenbergmedia

- Jack


About Jack Ringenberg Media

Jack Ringenberg Media is a full-service creative multimedia production studio founded by Jack Ringenberg. Jack Ringenberg Media has produced titles including the highly acclaimed series “Chromebook Tech Tips”, “The Jack Ringenberg Show”, “Media Minds”, "Behind the Design with Jack Ringenberg", a feature-length documentary, "The CHTV Archives", and much more. Jack Ringenberg Media is committed to telling inspiring stories through the use of video and audio.

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Jack Ringenberg

CEO, Jack Ringenberg Media

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