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Jack Ringenberg Media announces that their first original podcast, "Media Minds", is in the works

December 6, 2023

For the past few months Jack Ringenberg Media has been working on an all-new original video podcast series titled, Media Minds. The 3 episode series revolves around Jack as he sits down with college-aged students who do freelance media work with their media companies. In each episode, Jack will learn the stories of the people he's interviewing and in the end will try to learn what it takes to create meaningful videos, photos, and music. 

The show’s guests include: Natasha Joy Glenn (CEO, Natasha Joy Video), Elyse Timpe (CEO, EMT Media), and Max Park (CEO, Max Park Media, The Park Pair, and Parkcreations).

Each episode will be around 10-20 minutes and will be available in a video ( & JRM YouTube page) and audio format (Wherever you listen to podcasts). 

The series will be available on all major podcast streaming platforms starting on December 13th. After that, there will be new episodes every Wednesday until the end of the year. Additionally, the series is set to be available on Apple Podcasts in early 2024.

For more information on Media Minds, visit  


About Jack Ringenberg Media

Jack Ringenberg Media is a full-service creative multimedia production studio founded by Jack Ringenberg. Jack Ringenberg Media has produced titles including the highly acclaimed series “Chromebook Tech Tips”, “The Jack Ringenberg Show”, “Media Minds”, "Behind the Design with Jack Ringenberg", a feature-length documentary, "The CHTV Archives" and much more. Jack Ringenberg Media is committed to telling inspiring stories through the use of video and audio.

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