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The text "Life with Apple (Apple Logo)" in front of a picture of the Indianapolis Apple Store

"Life with Apple" is an ad campaign where each ad highlights a different Apple product. This series of ads first started when Jack was tasked with creating an ad for a product in his TV class. However, being the person that he is, he thought that one ad was not enough and decided to create a whole Appleesque ad campaign called "Life with Apple". Each ad focuses on one Apple product and highlights what a day with that product is like.


Jack sitting on a window with his MacBook in his lap. To the left of him is the text, "Life with Mac".

Life with Mac

February 26, 2022

Jack is known for loving Apple products and in this ad, we learn why he loves the Mac.

Jack sitting on a couch while holding his iPad in his hands. To the left of him is the text, "Life with iPad".

Life with iPad

March 7, 2022

iPad is a product in Apple's lineup that can be used to do lots of stuff. In this ad, it is seen how iPad can be used for education.

Jack looking at his Apple Watch on a beach. To the left of him is the text, "Life with Apple Watch".

Life with Apple Watch 

November 16, 2022

Apple Watch is the most personal product in Apple's lineup and it can be used to do lots of different things. In these ads, it is seen how Apple Watch can be used for tracking workouts, paying for things, detecting handwashing, and mindfulness.

"Life with Apple" is not affiliated with Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. is a Trademark of Apple Inc.

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