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Jack holding up his design notebook across his face.
the text, “A Jack Ringenberg Media Original Series”. Under that text is the text, “Behind the Design with Jack Ringenberg”

Join Jack as he reimagines clients' portfolios and then walks you through his thought process as he takes you behind the design.


The text, "Introducing Jack's Portfolio"

July 24, 2022

In this special video, Jack gives everyone a little bit of behind-the-scenes information of his newly updated portfolio. Jack discusses the new design, the color scheme, the website's accessibility and other refinements made to the portfolio.

Michael, in black and white, is in front of a purple background dramatically looking to the left. Next to the Michael is the text, “Michael’s Portfolio”.

November 21, 2023

Recently, Jack Ringenberg Media was given the opportunity to help redesign Michael Spech’s portfolio. This was a fun opportunity and in this video, Jack explains the thought process behind all of the design decisions he made.

Maiza is smiling and holding an old film camera while sitting on a bridge. Next to her is the text, “Maiza’s Portfolio”.

December 11, 2023

After Maiza saw the dramatic transformation of Michael's portfolio, she decided to hire Jack Ringenberg Media to redesign hers. After several weeks of hard work, Jack was ready to show Maiza the finished product. In this episode of Behind the Design, Jack sits down with Maiza to show her the finished product and to explain his thought process when designing the portfolio.

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